Student Solar Ambassador Workshop

October 2nd at IIT Bombay

On occasion of IIT Bombay’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration

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If students, in their early age, learn to make their own solar devices and use them, not only they will likely to be future users of the solar energy but they will also be promoting its usage in their own generations and become Student Solar Ambassadors. Keeping this in mind, as a part of IIT Bombay’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration- Student Solar Ambassadors Workshop is being organized on the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, 2nd October 2018.

In this unique one-day training program 5,000 students from 100 schools will come together at IIT Bombay campus and learn to assemble their own solar study lamps designed to help them to fulfil their study light needs. In addition to these 5000 students, more than 1 lakh students across the country will take part in similar events. In every state of India at least a few schools will take part in the event. IIT Bombay will train master trainers who will then provide training to 1 lakh students.

About Souls

5000 Participants

  • Venue - IIT Bombay Campus
  • Hands-on training by Master Trainers at INR. 100 for the lamp kit and INR. 100 for food arrangements for the day
  • Registration through schools and are open now! No travel or accommodation to be provided by IIT Bombay
  • Hurry Register Now!

1,00,000 students

  • Venue - IIT Bombay Remote Centres
  • Lamp kit to be provided for the assembly of the lamps through partnering organizations
  • Registration by Invitation Only!

Beyond 1,00,000 students

  • Venue - Open locations (Pan- India)
  • Training support including videos and content to be provided by IIT Bombay for the assembly of the lamp
  • Lamp kits to be procured by the organizations themselves, the list of vendors will be provided by IIT Bombay


Through this workshop, scientific curiosity of young minds will be piqued towards clean technologies for the future, by making them Student Solar Ambassadors. At the end of the event, students will take-home a solar study lamp and 2.5 W solar panel made by themselves.

Registrations open for 5,000 students for the event at IIT Bombay on a first come first serve basis.

Pledge for Non- Violence to the Environment

On this day, let us solemnly pledge:

    to protect, preserve, and nurture our environment for a gratifying present and green future
to be conscious of my own actions to not cause harm to our nature
to show courage to speak up condemning action that damage our environment
to be compassionate, responsible global citizens to ensure peaceful co-existence of all living beings in the world.      


  • Registration for students will only be done through schools only. Students from 8th – 12th standard are allowed to participate.
  • A maximum of 5000 students will be considered for the event on a first come first serve basis.
  • A maximum of 150 students will be allowed to participate from a single school.
  • Accommodation and transport on the day of the event will not be provided by IITB.
  • INR 200 registration fees per student will be collected from schools. This registration fees includes hardware, refreshments and internal logistics.
  • Registration fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • To read complete guidelines and registration process, click here.


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Venue: IIT Bombay Campus, Powai, Mumbai - 400080

Solar Urja through Localization for Sustainability (SoULS) initiative is a flagship program of IIT Bombay, based on the model of ‘Localization- Affordability- Saturation’ which overcomes the shortcomings of off-grid solar interventions implemented by involving local communities at each stage of its operations. The SoULS model is a localized solution involving local communities (localization) and ensuring the transition from a ‘program-driven model’ to ‘market-driven model’.

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